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Why Book A Car for Airport Transfer Not A Rideshare

Why Book A Car for Airport Transfer Not A Rideshare

Have you ever considered why private airport transfers are more popular than rideshare services like Uber when it comes to airport pickup?

Rideshare services always have surprises under their sleeves. This can be an issue, especially if you’re on a budget or urgent business.

Well, there are a ton of reasons that make private airport transfer services so much better for your next airport trip. In this article, we’ll talk about what those reasons are and how they matter to you as a traveler.

Rideshare horror story: Why you should avoid it

Unreliable service

As we all know by now, rideshare services  contract drivers to give passengers a ride at their request. Hence, these drivers don’t work for the company itself. Instead, they have their own personal vehicles (unless they happen to be driving an autonomous vehicle).

Do you know what the bad news is?

Well, you can’t tell how long you’ll be waiting for your driver when using one of these services. I mean, it’s more likely that other riders have also called on them. So, your chances of getting picked on time are quite slim.

Also, the regulations are quite slack. In fact, rideshare has a history of limited background checks for its drivers. This is quite unlike booked car services where drivers are subject to intense security screening. Hence, it’s easy for drivers to enter the rideshare network as service providers.

Such laxity may lead to safety concerns since some of the entrants might not be qualified enough for the job. After all, rideshare drivers are not professionally trained for the job.

Also, the security of the passengers is at stake. In fact, there are instances where drivers with criminal records manage to slip through the background checks.

Worse still, there are imposters who pose as rideshare drivers. Plus, drivers are not that much motivated to attain high standards of professionalism.

Moreover, if any legal issues arise, you can only sue the driver. Hence, rideshare companies are not accountable for the actions of their drivers.

Surging prices on peak hours

Ridesharing is economical but not necessarily cheaper. It can get more expensive, especially in peak hours. In fact, the hiking prices of rideshare services in peak hours is a topic that many riders are interested in.

The Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto conducted a recent study. The findings show that ridesharing companies  increase their rates during peak hours. Such soaring prices affect riders who need to get from point A to point B.

The hike continues to increase as the demand for rideshare services continues to rise. It could cost you significantly more, especially if your plans include going out at night.

Rideshare services, for instance, tend to increase the price up to three times the normal rate. It’s a huge burden, especially if you’ve not planned for such surprises.

So, when you book your ride on those apps, it’s important to know what time you’re taking off. This is to avoid any surprises when checking out the price. Otherwise, it could even cost you more than your flight.

Last-minute cancelation by Rideshare Driver

I’ve got to admit that the ridesharing app has brought about great convenience. Now, you can request a driver with just a few clicks or taps.

But wait until your plans get canceled at the last minute. That’s when you know how frustrating ridesharing services can be.

Yes, Uber sometimes cancels rides. It can be your worst nightmare and might even you’re your flight.

The worst thing is that they always seem to have excuses. They might tell you that the pickup area is too congested or the loading zone isn’t safe.

Also, they could give lame excuses, such as poor road conditions to the pickup site. It gets even more ridiculous if you’ve had problems with a particular driver in a previous ride.

As if canceling your ride isn’t bad enough, some ridesharing companies will take their sweet time to offer refunds in the event of a cancellation. Also, the chance of getting a replacement ride is not guaranteed. And that only compounds your problems.

Unhygienic and smelly vehicle

If you’ve ever taken an rideshare , then you know that they don’t always smell like roses. Chances are you have smelled something unpleasant.

You see, most rideshare drivers don’t give a damn about cleaning after themselves.

Also, most don’t have bins or any system to contain leftover lunch or coffee. This gives riders no other option than to throw leftovers in the car. So, it’s not uncommon to board cars with food crumbs, cigarettes, and spilled coffee all over the floorboards.

The unfortunate thing is that this stench doesn’t go away with just one car ride. Instead,  it can linger for weeks in your clothing and hair!

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. However, as a rider, you have no control over the situation.

Ordinary vehicles show up

Don’t put your expectations too high regarding the type of car you’ll be riding in. Cars, such as limos and luxury sedans are quite rare in the world of ridesharing.

You see, most rideshare drivers use their personal vehicles to drive for the company. Hence, they don’t have access to luxuries such as seat warmers, GPS, and a comfortable ride.

In some cases, passengers will be riding in an ordinary vehicle like a van without even air conditioning! This can cause discomfort and may even make it difficult to get where you need to go on time.

It doesn’t take long for you to realize you may want something more comfortable than such a basic ride!

Unprofessional attitude & dress code

Just like in the type of car, don’t put your expectations too high regarding the attitude and dress code of rideshare drivers. I mean, they no longer care.

Drivers can be unprofessional with their dress code or even their attitude. It doesn’t matter if they’re wearing sandals and shorts on a chilly day or if they’ve been rude for no reason. Trust me when I say this makes an impression on the customer!

Also, most rideshare drivers don’t know a thing about minding their own business. Some are nagging and wouldn’t stop asking questions. I bet it’s so uncomfortable being in that situation with such an unprofessional person.

Plus, there have been incidences of aggression and assault by drivers. After all, for a service that lacks enough background checks, chances are you might be riding with a criminal!

So, beware of such if you’re considering using rideshare services!

Private airport transfers: Why it’s the real deal

Punctuality guaranteed

As a traveler, you have one thing on your mind: time. You need to get from point A to point B as efficiently as possible and with the least amount of hassle.

When you hire a private transfer for your trip, they will know all the best spots in town and how to get around quickly.

One of the most important things about having a professional driver is that they’ll keep perfect time! They’ll make sure that you’re never late for any of your engagements or appointments. Hence, you can sit back and enjoy your trip while someone else gets you there on time!

Also, they’ll do more than whisk you away in a luxury car once you land. Airport transfer services will also take care of all the details.

Flat fixed price always

Private airport transfer services offer competitive prices that are guaranteed not to change. It doesn’t matter if you book at the last minute, you’re always guaranteed a flat fixed price. I mean, there are no hidden fees or extra charges tacked onto your bill at the end.

Hence, you won’t be dealing with any surprises when it comes to your fare. Plus, you’ll know exactly what the cost is before getting into the car.

Ride with pride in luxury car

If you are a traveler and you want to have the best experience possible, then you need to consider traveling in luxury cars.

Such is what you get with private airport transfers. They offer many perks to travelers such as limousine service and private chauffeurs.

The best thing about traveling in luxury cars is the comfort. There are no more worries of long hours sitting in a cramped coach seat.

You can sleep, read or even work on your laptop for as long as you want without feeling uncomfortable. You get cozy seats that adjust themselves automatically to ensure the most comfortable ride possible.

And it’s not just the seats – there will be a personal attendant to help with anything you need. It’s more like walking into your own private hotel room every time you get in one of these vehicles!

You can ask for anything from the driver, like drinks or snacks, because they have everything right there in front of them!

And it doesn’t matter if you’re traveling with family. Airport transfer services have stretch limousines so that everyone has enough room and is comfortable.

The best part! You’ll be greeted and served with a smile with professional drivers who know what they’re doing.

Meet our favorite airport transfer service provider: mnmridez Chauffeur

mnmridez Chauffeur in Melbourne is a reliable partner for all your airport transfer needs. It’s a private airport transfer that puts you the customer first. It prides itself in having:

  • Punctual, professional chauffeurs
  • A fleet of luxury cars
  • Strict measures to curb the COVID 19 Corona Virus
  • Affordable flat-rate prices
  • 24/7 booking and customer support
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