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General Terms Of Carriage

MNMRidez – Australia's Premium Chauffeur Service, along with our partners and licensees, is not obliged to transport everyone and can refuse service to anyone without providing a reason. Each entity within MNMRidez is accountable for its own services and will not be held responsible for services outside of its provision.

Customers must thoroughly read the FULL TERMS & CONDITIONS because by confirming a booking, you agree to and are legally bound by these TERMS & CONDITIONS.

According to our policy, MNMRidez and its associates do not cover any costs or losses, such as missed flights or connections, that happen because of changes, cancellations, delays, or mistakes in booking. It's up to the customer to inform us about any changes to avoid potential full charges.

Travelers are expected to follow all local laws and rules where they are traveling, as well as instructions given by MNMRidez and our partners.

As outlined in our terms, and as far as the law allows, MNMRidez and its partners are not responsible for any injuries, deaths, loss or damage to belongings, delays, or any indirect damages that might occur due to negligence, errors, or other reasons related to our services. We also cannot be held liable for any incorrect information regarding the services we offer or their prices.

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Cancellations and changes to bookings

To cancel your booking please contact us by email or telephone as soon as you have received the final booking confirmation. Your change or cancellation will be confirmed by an email from us to the address that you entered at the time of the booking. Refunds will be sent to the original payment method which was used for making the booking.

Cancellation Policy for Chauffeur Service:

Special Cancellation Policy applies for Special Events.

As-Directed or Hourly Booking Cancellation Terms:

  • Full charges will apply when canceling a Minibus or a Bus/Coach booking within 24 hours from the scheduled pick-up time
  • Full charges will apply when canceling a Sedan, SUV or a People Mover booking less than 12 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time
  • 50% charge applies when canceling a Sedan, SUV or a People Mover booking between 12 hours and 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time

Cancellation Policy for Wedding Service:

  • For the cancellation or rebooking of wedding cars Please allow two weeks' notice.
  • Cancellations within two weeks will be charged at full cost.
  • Packaged or Discounted bookings: For the cancellation or alteration of any discount booking, we reserve the right to remove any discounts previously applied.

Cancellation Policy for Melbourne Airport Transfers:

  • Pickup from the Melbourne Airport- minimum 1 hour notice required 100% refund. (Less card payment processing fee)
  • Pickup from Melbourne CBD Minimum 2 hours notice required 100% refund. (Less card payment processing fee)
  • Pickup from any other location (Melbourne Metro Suburbs) minimum 4 hours notice required 100% refund. (Less card payment processing fee)
  • Pickup from any other location minimum 24 hours notice required 100% refund. (Less card payment processing fee)

Cancellation Policy for All Airport Transfers (except Melbourne) :

Cancellation charges will apply when:

  • Cancellations are made with less than 4 hours’ notice prior to the dispatch of the vehicle for Sedans, SUV’s or People Mover bookings within the metropolitan area except Melbourne metropolitan.
  • Cancellations are made with less than 24 hours’ notice for minibuses, buses or coaches (8 seats and above).
  • Cancellations for any vehicle type are made with less than 48 hours’ notice for Canberra bookings during Parliament sitting.
  • Cancellations are made with less than 24 hours’ notice for bookings in Adelaide,Avalon,Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Hobart, Noosa, Perth, Sydney for all vehicle types.
  • Bookings where the passengers fail to arrive or make contact with the chauffeur or the local MNMRidez Customer Service Centre.
  • Stricter cancellation policies may apply to any of the above, however will be advised to you at the time of booking and will supersede the above policies.

Please note that the above terms and conditions are subject to change and are binding upon acceptance of our services. By engaging our services, you agree to comply with these terms and conditions.

Waiting Time

MNMRidez provides generous complimentary waiting time for all bookings, exceeding industry standards. This waiting time is applied in the following manner

  • 15 minutes complimentary waiting time at homes, hotels or other non-airport pickups.
  • 30 minutes complimentary waiting time at Domestic Airport Terminals.
  • 45 minutes complimentary waiting time at International Airport Terminals.
  • 45 minutes complimentary waiting time at Cruise Ship Terminals.

Below waiting time rates apply to all major Australian cities.

Waiting time is charged in 15-minute increments once any complimentary waiting time has been exhausted.

Below waiting time rates include GST.

Waiting time rates apply to ALL MNMRidez accounts, as well as individual bookings via the MNMRidez website, unless otherwise specified on your individual rate sheets and/or contracts.

Vehicle TypePer Minute Rate15-Minute RateHourly Rate
Executive Sedan$ 1.00$ 15$ 60
Premium Sedan$ 2.00$ 30$ 120
Premium SUV$ 2.00$ 30$ 120
Luxury People Mover (6-7 seats)$ 2.00$ 30$ 120
Luxury Minibus (8 – 14 seats)$ 3.00$ 45$ 180
15 – 24 Seat Bus$ 3.00$ 45$ 180
Large Coaches$ 3.50$ 52.5$ 210

*All flights are monitored using radar, and the complimentary waiting period begins as soon as the plane touches down, irrespective of any delays in the flight schedule.

Public Holidays

Additional charges may be applicable on public holidays, so we recommend consulting our Customer Service Centre when booking. Typically, surcharges are expected on Christmas Day and New Year's Eve/Day in many cities. However, in most major cities, surcharges are not common on other public holidays.

After Hours Surcharges

A 25% Surcharge applies for all vehicle type bookings that begin between 23:00 and 04:59hrs.*Certain contracts or rate schedules may contain different terms to those listed above. The terms contained within valid and current contracts and/or rate schedules will supersede the above terms with respect to After Hour Surcharges.

Child Restraints

As MNMRidez operates as a pre-booked service, legal expectations dictate that adequate notice is given for fitting child restraints, unlike taxi services. Consequently, Australian Law mandates that all children under 8 years old must be securely seated in a Baby Capsule, Baby Seat, or Booster Seat. While some states may not enforce child seat requirements, our company adheres to a national policy ensuring that children under 8 years old are always seated in a child restraint during their journey with us.

While our chauffeurs are committed to installing child restraints safely, we urge parents or caregivers to thoroughly inspect them before the journey begins and make any necessary adjustments. It's important to note that although our chauffeurs are trained in installing child restraints, they are not professional fitters. Therefore, parents or caregivers should take the same level of care in maintaining their child's safety as they would in their own vehicle.

Limits Of Liability & Insurance

Our maximum liability, if accepted, will be restricted to a refund for the specific trip in question. While we take every precaution, we do not assume liability for any unforeseen circumstances. Claims for liquidated damages, consequential losses, or any other costs will not be entertained.


MNMRidez, along with our Operators and Licensees, will not be liable to the Customer for any indirect loss or expense, including loss of profit, resulting from any breach of this contract.

Privacy Policy & Personal Information

www.MNMRidez.com.au serves as the online platform for MNMRidez. By utilizing this website and/or the individual Customer Service Centres, you agree to our terms and conditions as well as our privacy policy. Our Privacy Policy pertains to the gathering and utilization of personal information that you may provide to us through interactions on our website. Your ongoing use of our website and its amenities implies your consent to these terms and conditions. MNMRidez endeavors to ensure the accuracy of the information presented on the website. However, MNMRidez disclaims all liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage resulting from reliance on or omission of any content within our website or publications.

Use of Personal Information

Your personal information is solely utilized for the purpose of hiring MNMRidez services. By accessing the MNMRidez secure website booking facility, you acknowledge that all information provided by you is your own responsibility, and MNMRidez assumes no liability for any inaccuracies in the information provided pertaining to bookings made through this facility. Your personal information is not shared with third parties unless necessary for fulfilling the obligations of your hire. It may be retained for future booking purposes. If you believe any information to be incorrect, you may contact us to request corrections.

Credit card details are securely stored for the purposes outlined in our terms and conditions of hire. MNMRidez staff, Operators, and Licensees are bound by confidentiality agreements to ensure the security of personal information.


MNMRidez may be required to disclose your personal information to regulatory authorities and law enforcement officials in compliance with applicable laws. Personal information may also be disclosed to identify, contact, or initiate legal action against anyone who damages, injures, or interferes with our rights or property.

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