Coronavirus (COVID-19) –Precaution Measures at M&M Ridez Chauffeur ,Melbourne

The recent surge in Covid-19 has brought most businesses to a standstill. There are so many uncertainties, sustained concerns, and fears. So much that it has caused most chauffeur services to close operations.

Well, at M&M Ridez Chauffeur, we’re open for business. We’ve implemented workplace changes and re-evaluated our operations. The main reason is to make customer safety and well-being our top priority.

Here, we’ll detail the strategic approaches we use to minimize the impacts and consequences of Covid-19, both on our clients and employees. This, of course, is per WHO regulations and advice from Australia’s Chief Medical Officer.

Covid-19 Measures at M&M Ridez Chauffeur

Workplace Redesign

We’ve redesigned our workplace to prevent the introduction and spread of Covid-19. We’ve achieved this through:

  • Screening

At M&M Ridez Chauffeur, we have a system that screens individuals before accessing the workplace. The process covers not only employees but also visitors.

Only chauffeurs who are in good health are allowed to work. Also, we advise our chauffeurs to stay at home if unwell.

  • Social distancing & modified seating alignment

We’ve trained our chauffeurs to observe physical distancing not only at the workplace but also in the vehicle. Moreover, we limit workplace attendance and passengers per vehicle to achieve the 1-meter social distance rule.

Also, physical distancing extends to greetings. Instead of handshakes, our chauffeurs greet clients with a slight bow to enforce the social distancing rule.

Also, we’ve modified the seating arrangements in our vehicles. This ensures safe physical distancing between the chauffeur and the passenger or between passengers. Also, we’ve aligned the seats in such a way that passengers don’t face each other.

Workforce Hygiene

We’ve enforced workforce hygiene to keep our chauffeurs and clients safe. We do this through:

  • An adequate supply of hand sanitizers

At M&M Ridez Chauffeur, we provide adequate hand sanitizers for our chauffeurs and clients.

  • Wearing of face masks

We supply all our chauffeurs with face masks that have adequate coverage. Also, we have a stock of disposable masks for passengers who don’t have their own. Well, it’s a mandatory requirement always to wear a mask when traveling in our vehicles.

  • Limiting the sharing of communal items

Our chauffeurs and clients are advised not to share items unless it’s absolutely necessary. Also, we’re trying as much to replace high-touch communal items with alternatives.

  • Correct disposal of used items

We make our vehicles not only safe for you but also for the next passenger. Before picking up another passenger, our chauffeurs ensure the vehicle is free of any used face masks. Also, they dispose of any ride-in magazines or newspapers left behind.

  • Excellent air conditioning

Each vehicle in our fleet is set to optimal airflow. Where possible, our chauffeurs also enhance airflow by opening the windows.

Vehicle Cleaning

More than dispose of used items, our chauffeurs also clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces between changing of passengers. Where applicable, they clean and disinfect the doorknobs, window controls, mirror adjusters, radio controls, and air conditioner controls.

For this purpose, we provide an adequate supply of cleaning products, including disinfectants, detergents, hand towels, and wet wipes. Also, we monitor the stock regularly to ensure sufficient supply in each vehicle.

Besides cleaning high-touch parts, our chauffeurs also take the vehicles for thorough, regular cleaning.

Record Keeping

At M&M Ridez Chauffeur, we never take chances regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. Hence, we ensure excellent monitoring through effective record keeping.

Well, for each booking, every client is required to fill in the form with name, date, and contact number. This offers easier tracking in the event of a suspected or confirmed Covid-19 case.

Record keeping isn’t only for the passengers but also for vehicle cleaning. We have a cleaning register for all our vehicles. Well, this enables us to monitor the sanitation as well as the cleaning activity of each vehicle.

How M&M Ridez Chauffeur Responds to Confirmed/Suspected Covid-19 cases

If by any chance, a client or chauffeur is suspected of having Covid-19, we’ve implemented a process to avoid further spread. We do this through:

  • Immediate Isolation

Our chauffeurs will isolate a confirmed case from other passengers. Also, we provide personal protective equipment, both to our chauffeurs and the confirmed case.

  • Transporting the person home or to a medical facility

We use the provided contact information during booking to transport the confirmed case home or to a medical facility.

  • Tracing close contacts

We trace close contacts, isolate them, and have them tested for Covid-19 to prevent further spread.

  • Closing, cleaning, and disinfecting the vehicle

During this time, the vehicle is out of bounds until it has been cleaned and disinfected. Still, we communicate to the chauffeur when it’s safe to re-open the vehicle for service.


M&M Ridez Chauffeur continues to work 24/7 to assist our clients in getting from point A to B safely and in one piece.

Well, for chauffeur transfer services that are safe, hygienic, and trustworthy, M&M Ridez Chauffeur is your most reliable partner.

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